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Indiana Adams

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Together, we are changing the world.

I've been a fan of Noonday Collection since its very beginning. At that time I had a well-known fashion blog in Austin and used my platform to spotlight companies who were doing wonderful work in the world. Noonday stole my heart when I first learned about their mission to provide income for women in vulnerable communities, and since its launch, I've been a proud customer.

Whenever I wear Noonday, women stop and ask me about the gorgeous pieces, and I get to tell them the story: that Noonday Collection provides training and jobs for women in societies where training and jobs are not easily made available to them. Nine years after first falling in love with Noonday and their mission, I stepped up as an ambassador so that I can deepen my impact by providing sustainable, dignified work to people living in vulnerable communities and help people here shop more thoughtfully.

Let's change the world together. I'd be delighted to host a trunk show in your home or online with you and have you on my team as Noonday Collection Ambassador. Let's chat!

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